“Cathedra” is a high resolution immersive interactive tour of the inside of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in Mdina. It is an adaptation of a web based immersive tour created for the Mdina Metropolitan chapter launched online in August 2017. “Cathedra” is open to the general public during this year’s Notte Bianca event.

Visitors to this installation are invited to explore the inside of the Mdina cathedral using the multitouch screen.  By clicking on the different areas of the screen, the user can navigate throughout the cathedral, click on hotspots, zoom in to view detail etc The main purpose of this installation is to allow visitors to explore the inside of this important heritage building in an immersive way, feeling as if they are inside the cathedral. It is also part of my research to analyse how visitors react to such new technology.

View the interactive tour

Museums and interpretation centres are discovering the use of digital tools to help users experience a more meaningful, interesting and informative visit. Such technology is relatively new, continually changing and whilst it offers many opportunities comes with a lot of challenges, not only in terms of usage but also in implementation. My research aims at understanding the best ways of using digital tools,  irrespective of the technology used (since this is continually changing) in order to make better use of such tools.