#meetdurer allows visitors to meet Albrecht Dürer and his works at The Mdina Cathedral Museum through an interactive multimedia experience



My Masters by Research in digital arts allowed me to focus on the use of digital tools as an integral part of improving museum interpretation. New trends in museology see museums putting the visitor at the very core of the museum experience and my research focuses on how these digital tools can be used to enhance the visitor experience.

#MEETDURER is my thesis project used to illustrate the use of some of these tools to improve the visitor experience within the newly refurbished Albrecht Dürer Hall at the Mdina Cathedral Museum in Mdina, Malta



The Albrecht Dürer collection is one of the most important collections on the island and also a crowd-puller at the Mdina Cathedral Museum. The short production has been designed to be used as a teaser on the museum’s digital signage screens in order to encourage visitors to enter the museum and visit the collection.


The 42” freestanding interactive unit has been designed as the main interpretation tool within the hall. Specifically designed learning outcomes will ensure that through the unit, the visitor finds out who Albrecht Dürer was, discovering his works and techniques relating to woodcuts and copperplate engraving. The visitor would also get to know about the provenance and importance of the Albrecht Dürer collection within the museum and the use of symbolism in his works. A quiz aimed at reinforcing these learning outcomes has also been included. A multidisciplinary approach and the use of “Design Thinking” methodology were used in the development of this interpretation tool.




Whilst not digital in itself, this photo opportunity stand encourages visitors to snap a photo with their smartphones and share it on social media. User-generated content is the most effective form of marketing for museums who can benefit from free content, testimonials, and recommendations generated by customers happy to have visited the museum.
In today’s digitally connected and enabled world, Museums must embrace digital technology to ensure that they remain relevant to today’s audiences.